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Membership in the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and your provincial association is an investment in your career, as well as in the future of your chosen profession.

The CAMRT is the national voice for MRT professionals while your provincial association represents you at the provincial level, fostering understanding between the profession, the public and government; advocating on your behalf on critical issues; and encouraging collaboration with industry and other healthcare organizations to promote professional excellence in all disciplines of the profession.

Membership in the CAMRT and your provincial association is your link to more than 11, 000 colleagues, who now become part of your professional network. Whether you are a specialist in radiation therapy, radiological technology, nuclear medicine technology or magnetic resonance technology, membership provides access to an array of programs, services and resources that reflect the diversity of the profession and the changing environment in which you work. Among these are: Standards of Practice, professional practice guidelines and a code of ethics, all created by fellow members to guide MRTs in the exemplary practice of their profession; national certification examinations; salary and career information; a vast menu of professional development programs from Quick Self Study to topical courses and Specialty Certificates, each designed to promote continuous learning and professional growth; publications that keep you informed about developments within the profession and within the Association, and communication tools like Listservs and Facebook that let you network virtually with colleagues from coast-to-coast and abroad.

Our promise of value to members:
It is our promise to members to continuously strive to work on your behalf to represent and advocate for you and the profession, to deliver member services that provide value for money and to be transparent and accountable to the membership through regular communication throughout the year, as well as at year-end through the CAMRT's annual report and the Annual General Meeting.

The CAMRT and your provincial association work hand in hand for you, our members. As such, membership in one is membership in both. Membership is processed through your provincial association – please contact your provincial association to join (with the exception of MRTs practicing in Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon and outside of Canada who should contact the CAMRT directly to join at 1-800-463-9729 ext. 223 or email Manager, Member Relations)

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