Rewrite and Challenge Exams

The deadline to register for a Rewrite or Challenge exam in the Winter term is April 1st and for the Fall it is October 1st. Rewrite and Challenge exams are only delivered on the exam dates scheduled for the respective term.

Rewrite Exams

For regular courses, candidates are allowed an initial exam write and two exam rewrites in a two-year period following the initial write date. Only the most current version of the exams will be available.

Please contact to register for a rewrite. See registration deadline.

Candidates who rewrite an exam cannot purchase the course material.

Challenge Exams

Challenge exams are available for certificate-related courses only. The minimum grade required on the exam is 75% to be eligible for certificate programs.

Candidates who feel they have the knowledge and experience equivalent to the content of CAMRT’s certificate related courses have an opportunity to bypass the course and assignments and write the final exam only. The final exam is worth 100% of the assessment.

Candidates may challenge an exam only once. 

There are no rewrites for challenge exams. You may not re-register in a different term to challenge the same exam. You must take the full course if you fail to meet the minimum required exam grade on the challenge exam.

Candidates who challenge an exam will not be provided course materials nor will these be available for purchase.*

Course Objectives and an Exam Blue Print will be provided.

Allowing candidates to challenge exams reflects current knowledge of theory and cannot be considered “new learning”. Therefore, challenge exams are not eligible for credit.

*This does not apply to the CT Anatomy and Vascular Anatomy exam for which a study guide and electronic resources will be provided.

Register for a “challenge” exam.