CAMRT ATL Member Recognition


This Awards Program was established by CAMRT-ATL to showcase the talent and professionalism of CAMRT-ATL members and students enrolled in accredited medical radiation technology education programs.



CAMRT-ATL Compassionate Carer Award
CAMRT-ATL – Mentorship Award

CAMRT-ATL Early Professional Achievement Award
CAMRT-ATL Professional Achievement and Career Excellence Award
CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship



2022 Recipients

CAMRT-ATL Compassionate Carer Award

The Compassionate Carer Award is presented to an MRT who demonstrates outstanding devotion to patient care. They demonstrate exceptional empathy, compassion, kindness, and patience towards those in their care. They promote and support respect, equitable treatment, and care, through a bias and barrier-free environment in their workplace. And they inspire confidence and trust in patients just to name a few qualities.

Sandra MacDonald


Sandra’s nominator stated that:

Alexandria (Sandra) is one of the most compassionate, caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Pediatric healthcare is a challenging field with respect to maximizing patient care, minimizing pain and involving patients and their families in their care, but Sandra manages it with ease and a flair few could hope to emulate.
Her work with children and their families is invariably positive and supportive. She easily gains the trust of her patients, listening to and addressing their concerns at an age appropriate level, while answering family questions in detail.
Her compassion, empathy, pure kind heartedness and unending patience with these often-challenging patients is an inspiration and a role model to us all.”



CAMRT-ATL Mentorship Award

This award bestowed to an individual who exemplifies the ability to foster relationships with co-workers and students, and who inspires professional excellence through personal example and professional activities. They serve as a role model by maintaining high standards for excellence within their own discipline while promoting and championing the contributions and value of their colleagues.

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer’s Nominator stated that:

“Jennifer is a welcoming and engaging preceptor. She exemplifies what it means to be a role model, holding herself to an extremely high standard of professional conduct and patient care that she demonstrates to her coworkers and students and challenges them to tailor care to patients and families and strive for outstanding outcomes. She encourages students to learn about other disciplines within the healthcare field so that the student can appreciate the variety of roles that numerous disciplines play in providing excellent care and managing disease.

She is also always the first to point out that our profession is always changing and that in order to provide the best care to our patients we need to continually be learning and adapting our practice. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our team. “




CAMRT-ATL Young Professional Achievement Award

This award is bestowed on an MRT who has displayed dedication, leadership, and professionalism at an early stage in their career. The nominee must be in the first 5 years of practice. The must be a a positive influence in their workplace, display a high level of leadership in the profession for their experience level and displays professional pride and advocates for the profession.

Matthew Beniuk

Matthew’s nominator stated that:

“Matthew is always striving to better himself within the profession. Since joining our team Matthew has taken his continuing education even further by starting his work towards obtaining the CAMRT PET/CT credential. He is keen to share his knowledge with co-workers, medical students and even our patients. He is continually looking for ways to improve our patient care and workflow while being a great co-worker as I’m sure my colleagues and management could attest.

He is keen to share his knowledge with co-workers, medical students and even our patients. He is continually looking for ways to improve our patient care and workflow while being a great co-worker as I’m sure my colleagues and management could attest.”


CAMRT-ATL Career Excellence and Professional Achievement Award

This award is given to a MRT who has demonstrated genuine dedication to their profession during their career. This person Engages in profession-related volunteer roles at the provincial and/or national level, embodies respect, integrity, and professionalism, and displays a career long passion for the profession.

Tracy Hale

Tracy’s nominator stated that:

Since her graduation from the radiological technology program, she has demonstrated her passion for the career and her dedication to lifelong learning. 

In 2003, she became the clinical instructor for The Moncton Hospital School of Radiologic Technology. After only a few short months as clinical instructor she was awarded the Program Director position. In 2012, while competently fulfilling her role as the Program Director and course instructor, she returned to university to complete her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. In 2020, she completed her Master’s in Adult Education; implementing the knowledge gained into the radiological technology program. 

She has volunteered within the profession by participating as a surveyor and lead surveyor for Accreditation Canada. She has also volunteered within her facility, for many years she was the education coordinator for the Management Link group at the Moncton Hospital. 

She is a competent leader, demonstrating advanced organizational skills and work ethic. She is a proactive leader, bringing lots of new ideas to the program.  She has created a collaborative work environment within the school to advance the profession that she is very proud of. She has one main objective graduate competent entry level radiological technologists that value lifelong learning.


CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship

Sponsored by Higgins Insurance, this $1000.00 scholarship is awarded to a student who is receiving either didactic and/or clinical instruction in Atlantic Canada. The winner is picked at random from the pool of applicants.

The 2022 CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship is given to Rebecca Noseworthy from the Collage of the North Atlantic Radiography Program!