CAMRT ATL Member Recognition


This Awards Program was established by CAMRT-ATL to showcase the talent and professionalism of CAMRT-ATL members and students enrolled in accredited medical radiation technology education programs.



CAMRT-ATL Compassionate Carer Award
CAMRT-ATL – Mentorship Award

CAMRT-ATL Early Professional Achievement Award
CAMRT-ATL Professional Achievement and Career Excellence Award
CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship


2023 Recipients

CAMRT-ATL Compassionate Carer Award

Shari Beaton

Shari is the definition of patient advocate. She has a way of being able to reach patients and discover what they need beyond what is happening in the treatment room. She cares for the patient’s family members just as much as the patient themselves. Shari will never hesitate to reach other to other interprofessional team members to help a patient and their family navigate through the system. She cares for each patient with pure love, patience and professionalism.
The Nova Scotia Cancer Centre would be at a loss without Shari. To say she goes above and beyond for a patient is an understatement. I am proud to work alongside Shari. She encourages me to work hard and advocate for patients.
When with Shari, patients are at ease and feel safe.
Shari is one of our CT simulation Team Leads. She leads by example. She is confident and a great teacher.
Shari is always open to learning more. Recently she has taken the Dosimetry course as a way to learn and renew her perspectives of Radiation Treatment, She has taken other courses in the past. She does this on her own initiative to improve her knowledge and skills. She has taken courses in CT and Imaging.
She is smart, dedicated and kind. Her expertise and initiative to provide accurate and safe quality treatment is highly respectable. Shari Beaton deserves to be recognized.


CAMRT-ATL Mentorship Award

Erin Adams, Rhonda Sheppard, Terry Power

The reason is that they are a trio of clinical instructors in our province who have been instrumental in the education of all our X-ray students over the last 10 +years. It would be very difficult to separate their nomination and they are all deserving of this award, as they work together as a team to ensure our students receive the best education.
Erin, Rhonda and Terry exemplify the term “role models”. They are the light houses of our profession in X-ray here in NL and they continually set the bar for how to conduct yourself as MRT’s when you enter the profession. They not only teach/train our students, but graciously offer their expertise, knowledge and support to all our staff, radiologists and management on a daily basis. They ensure they remain current in our practice, seek opportunities to learn new techniques and practice, develop education for the students but also our entire provincial group of MRT’s. They are the first in line to attend any professional development. Not only do they regularly attend their own education, they also develop education content to help others. They encourage all staff and students to participate in our conferences and any education sessions. They truly understand that education doesn’t stop once you finish school, and they promote lifelong learning and ensure that students are well aware that that is a commitment they must make once they start practice. They ensure they stay connected to other educators in the country through conferencing and meetings with other clinical instructors. They also work in tandem with our educational institute to ensure they deliver the best education to the students They liaise with staff radiologists and develop tailored made education to our technologists based on feedback from the radiologists. They work with management to create polices and update procedures to ensure that the best clinical practices are being standardized and upheld. They are all incredible advocates – for the profession and most especially for our patients. They all embody and value providing the highest quality care to patients and ensuring that the patients are treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Not only are they exemplary role models for the practice of X-ray, they are also incredible, dedicated employees who, on a daily basis, show all staff and students appropriate work place etiquette. They are the calming, rationale voice in our departments. They seek only to help and support our staff and students. They are sincerely trusted by our staff and management team because of their positivity, dedication to the patients and profession, and ability to always provide that gentle feedback to all staff. They are an invaluable part of our health care – they shape the minds of our future (and current) practitioners. They lay strong roots and then work to support our students and staff so they can grow and flourish.

CAMRT-ATL Young Professional Achievement Award

Maddison Currie

Maddison “Maddie” is an exemplary technologist. She goes above and beyond for her patients and her colleagues, and is an inspiration to students and new technologists. She is friendly, genuine, is an excellent storyteller and has a sense of humor to boot.
Maddie volunteers with RAD-AID as an editor for international research papers, and always shows a dedication to her patients and quality in her work. She models professionalism, excellent patient care, empathy and openness for her colleagues and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Maddie is a registered RTNM and although only in her 5th year of her career, she has already embodied leadership by being the first RTNM in our department to cross train in CT. She advocated for the opportunity, was an astute learner, and is now a superuser and a wealth of knowledge in both our Nuclear Medicine and our CT modalities. She is actively pursuing furthering her leadership education and opportunities, and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her.
We are lucky to have Maddie on our team here at the Aberdeen Hospital, and I believe her to be an excellent candidate for this award.

CAMRT-ATL Career Excellence and Professional Achievement Award

Edmond Kodua

Edmond moved to Canada a few years ago from England where he worked for many years in CT at a trauma center. I have never met anyone as dedicated to becoming a better person, a better worker, a better leader. Edmond demonstrates excellence in his work, constantly striving to be informed and learn new things. He is adaptable, resilient and reliable but above all an inspiration. Edmond is an involved parent, an active participant in the college volunteer board and a pillar of our small department. Not only is he incredibly skilled and knowledgeable he is open to learning knew things, active in testing his knowledge and in general one of the most pleasant people i have been fortunate to meet. His kindness, humor and attitude always make the workplace a great experience. Edmond deserves this award for no less then being himself: a model of excellence.


CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship

Madison MacDonald

Sponsored by Higgins Insurance, this $1000.00 scholarship is awarded to a student who is receiving either didactic and/or clinical instruction in Atlantic Canada. The winner is picked at random from the pool of applicants.

The 2023 CAMRT-ATL Student Scholarship is given to Madison MacDonald from the Dalhousie University Radiography Program!











2022 Recipients