Digital Badges

Effective Fall 2020, CAMRT is introducing digital badges to all medical radiation technologists in Canada and worldwide who have earned a credential in one of the following programs:*

*Due to privacy reasons, eligible recipients are current CAMRT members as well as non-members who have taken CPD with CAMRT in the past 2 years. All other certificate holders wishing access should contact

What is a digital badge?

Watch short video on Introduction to CAMRT’s Digital Badges (requires registration at no cost)

  • A digital representation or symbol of an educational achievement awarded on completion of a set of educational objectives.
  • Embedded with meta-data that describes and validates an individual’s acquired knowledge, skill, or competence within a specific area of practice.
  • Shared and displayed digitally, digital badging allows recipients to showcase their achievements and provide proof of learning in an ever-increasing digital environment.
  • Encourage, motivate, and connect learners to new and rewarding opportunities while promoting these same achievements to current and future employers.
How are they used?

Want to showcase your educational and professional achievements? Earned badges can be uploaded and displayed to social media profiles such as LinkedIn or Facebook, personal websites as well as on resumes. These are embedded with meta-data that authenticates the badge and creates an online record of the achievement therefore making the accomplishments more “visible” online.

Potential employers or curious colleagues can click on the badge to instantly verify the credential or achievement earned, including the recipient’s name, the description of the credential or achievement, what was required to achieve it and the issuing organization.

Much like traditional awards for educational or professional development achievements, digital badges proudly display professional accomplishments across the web.

The CAMRT will be issuing digital badges for:

  1. Successful completion of our certificate programs (CT, Breast Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Dosimetry)
  2. Successful completion of a micro-certificate (Cultural Safety: Diversity & Inclusion micro-certificate to launch 2020-2021)
  3. Special Recognition for other significant and specialized learning achievements. The first Special Recognition badge will be for Identity Matters: LGBGTQ2S+ Education for MRTs program, to be launched late 2020/early 2021.
Also anticipated for Winter/Spring 2021 is the introduction of Identity Matters: LGBTQ2S+ Education Modules – a series of 4 learning modules on various topics relating to the LGBTQ2S+ community and the MRT environment. As previously mentioned, upon completion of all modules, individuals will receive a Special Recognition digital badge, identifying achievement of learning on a topic that promotes safe, affirming equitable and inclusive care and work environments.

CAMRT uses CanCred Factory and Passport to create, issue and store digital badges.