Late Assignment Policy

Penalties will apply for candidates not respecting the assignment submission deadlines.

1. Mark deduction penalty:

  • All assignments must be submitted to access the final exam.
  • Assignments must be received no later than midnight EST on the specified date.
  • 10% of the mark will be deducted from each assignment not meeting the submission deadline.
  • Assignments more than 7 days late will receive a mark of zero ‘0’. These assignments will be reviewed by the instructor (though no mark will be awarded) and returned to candidates with feedback, but will lose marking priority. Late assignment submissions may not be returned in time to study for the final exam.

2. Assignments received within 7 days of the scheduled exam date:

Assignments submitted within seven days of the scheduled exam date will not be marked nor will candidates be able to access the final exam. Registrations will be automatically transferred, with applicable fees, to the next term.

Courses delivered on the Learning Management System

Although assignment deadlines do not apply to courses offered on the learning management system, all assignments must be completed seven days prior to the scheduled exam date in order to access the final exam. Failure to do so will result in a transfer to the next term with applicable fees.