Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT) Initiative

The Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT) was introduced by HealthForce Ontario in 2006. It has proven to be a very successful model for care in radiation therapy, increasing access and quality of care for cancer patients across the province. Currently there are 23 CSRTs employed across Ontario.

Because of the success of the CSRT initiative in Ontario, advanced practice in radiation therapy became an initial focus and case study for construction of a CAMRT advanced practice certification process. The CAMRT worked over a number of years to establish the process for advanced practice certification of MRTs in radiation therapy.


IMPACT newsletter

In 2015, a CSRT Community of Practice (CoP) was formed to facilitate initiatives to ensure cancer patients in Ontario, Canada receive the highest quality of care and to advocate a collective CSRT/APRT identity. The CAMRT is working with the CSRT CoP to discuss and publicize the success of CSRT roles and how they are integrated into different departments, and to fulfill our common goal of and inspiring other centres and provinces across Canada to adopt and implement this important model of care.

The IMPACT newsletter is the voice of Ontario’s CSRT community. Through its six issues, it introduces readers to CSRT practice, reports on their latest research, and examines a variety of issues pertinent to the advanced practice radiation therapy in Canada and across the world.

Current Edition: Vol 8, Issue 1
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Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist, Community of Practice: Hiring Manager’s Toolkit, 2021

The purpose of Cancer Care Ontario’s CSRT CoP Hiring Manager’s Toolkit is to provide managers and administrators, who are interested in the creation of a CSRT position, with the necessary background, tools, and guidelines to ensure a smooth and consistent development of an advanced practice role in the radiation therapy profession.

Using a step-by-step format, the toolkit is designed to assist those interested in developing a position in their radiation therapy departments to:

  • assess the need for Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapists (CSRT),
  • design the position for a specific service delivery model,
  • implement the position, and
  • understand how to evaluate the success of the position in achieving defined goals and outcomes.

CSRT CoP Hiring Managers Toolkit, 2021