Occupational Health and Safety Resource Centre

Research indicates that the health care sector is particularly vulnerable to a wide range of occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards causing musculoskeletal injuries, infectious diseases, chemical-induced disorders and mental stress, among other work-related illnesses and injuries. Evidence also suggests that looking after the well-being of health care workers results in safer and better quality patient care.

Recognizing that this is a critical issue in its members’ workplaces, the CAMRT addressed this issue in its strategic plan, committing to establish guidelines that facilitate safe and effective practice and to support the occupational health and safety of MRTs in the workplace.

This new OHS resource centre has been created to provide CAMRT members and their employers with sound advice and links to valuable information that will assist them to design and sustain healthy work environments.

Current OHS Topics in our resource centre

Infection Control
Radiation Exposure
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Safety and Security
Substance/Agent Reactions