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The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) has formed a new partnership with RAD-AID International to offer CAMRT members the opportunity to contribute to the healthcare needs of developing countries through participation in RAD-AID missions around the world. Recipients of this award will join RAD-AID’s project teams in international initiatives designed to improve access to quality medical imaging for populations in need.

RAD-AID is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to increase and improve radiology resources in developing and impoverished countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 4 billion people are at risk for widespread losses and deaths that can be avoided or treated, if radiology were available. RAD-AID was established in 2008 to answer this need. It has since grown to include more than 3,500 contributors from 200 countries, and has on-site programs in more than 14 countries.


Apply to the CAMRT RAD-AID Fellowship Program

The experience of working in a multidisciplinary team for radiology around the world can be personally and professionally fulfilling as you learn about other cultures and healthcare systems to use your talents for improving global health. Application for this fellowship is open to CAMRT members that are certified MRTs with 3 or more years experience in their modality of practice. Learn more about the fellowship, your eligibility and the requirements for application on the RAD-AID CAMRT Fellowship website.


Support Canadian MRT participation in RAD-AID missions

Consider supporting current and future Canadian MRT participation in RAD-AID missions by making a financial contribution to this Fellowship.

100% of funds received will go towards the costs associated with the CAMRT RAD-AID Fellowship. Those interested in making a contribution should contact CAMRT at 1-800-463-9729.