Appeal Policy for Extenuating Circumstances

Candidates are strongly encouraged to withdraw prior to the exam or transfer to the next exam sitting if, prior to the exam, they have a personal circumstance that may affect their performance on exam day (including but not limited to: bereavement, family emergency or chronic health condition).

All candidates have the right to appeal their exam result.

Appeal submissions deadline

  • The reasons for the appeal must be documented in writing and received by the Manager of Certification at the CAMRT office no later than fifteen (15) working days following the receipt of their exam results.

Appeal fee

  • A fee of $250.00 will apply and must be received with the written request and supporting documentation.

Appeal Committee

  • The request will be reviewed by an Appeal Committee. The committee will consist of the Director of Education, a member of the Education Advisory Council, the Chair of an Exam Validation Committee, and the Manager of Certification. In the event the candidate is known to a member of the Appeal Committee, another individual with similar qualifications will be appointed for that particular appeal review. The Appeal Committee may request additional information before rendering a decision.

Appeal decision

  • The decision of the Appeal Committee will depend on the circumstances of each individual. It will be sent to the candidate within 25 working days of receipt of all documentation related to the appeal.

The decision of the Appeal Committee will be final.