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The CAMRT’s conference and events model is built around leveraging the CAMRT’s strong national and provincial partnerships, as well as the ever-expanding possibilities from virtual collaboration platforms, to deliver education and networking opportunities of the highest quality to the most possible members, while minimizing the barriers of time and money. Members are able to customize their learning experience and access the content that is most relevant to their professional reality, in a format that meets the needs of their personal and professional circumstances.

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For the most accurate and up to date information surrounding the status of specialty, provincial or CAMRT partnered spring 2020 events please head to the host organizations website directly. If you have questions please email


We understand that our members often rely on CAMRT’s in person and live events in the spring for their continuing education for the year. We have an extensive catalog of virtual conference recordings from our past events available to you. Many of these recordings are free to members with the most recently posted recordings at a rate of just $10. Click the button below to be taken directly to the catalog and for more information on these offerings visit our Virtual Conferences page. There are dozens more options too — all searchable and available online — in the CAMRT CPD catalogue and CAMRT CPD Repository.


Last updated: April 1, 2020



Join us for CAMRT 2020 Virtual Conference Sessions through this spring and summer. In lieu of our in person events we will be releasing several online educational sessions for our members, free of charge!

Attend a CAMRT 2020 virtual conference session between now and August 31 and be entered into a draw for a free Quick Self Study or Full Length course

Free for CAMRT members

$20 for Non Members

Session 1 – On demand version available now! 

Patient Gonadal and Fetal Shielding in Diagnostic X-ray Imaging: Perspectives From This Medical Physicist

Jeff Frimeth, President & Chief Medical Physicist,  JF Medical Physics Inc.

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1) Obtain a brief historical overview of why gonadal and fetal shielding was introduced into clinical practice.

2) Discuss recent recommendations regarding the discontinuation of gonadal and fetal shielding.

3) Provide explanations for how to incorporate said recommendations into clinical practice and communicate this to patients/guardians.


Session 2 – On demand version available now! 

Updates in MR Safety from the ACR: How These May Impact Your Clinical Practice

Jeff Frimeth, President & Chief Medical Physicist,  JF Medical Physics Inc.

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1) Review MR safety basics to appreciate appropriate risks (e.g. Bo, RF, dB/dt, contrast, quench, etc.).

2) Discuss the rationale for and recent updates and critical information regarding MR safety from the ACR.

3) Discuss a practical approach to appropriately implement the recent updates and critical information.


Educators Forum – On demand version available now! 

Transitioning to the 2019 National Competency Profile for Medical Radiation Technologists in Canada

Carrie Bru, Director of Education CAMRT

Sarah Ingmundson, Director Equal, Accreditation Canada

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  • Explore the recently revised National Competency Profile for entry-level MRTs in Canada.
  • Discuss the rationale behind the decision to transition to a new competency framework.
  • Update MRT faculty on activities at Accreditation Canada and the transition to the new Health Education Program Standard.

More to come!



CAMRT 2021 (Ottawa) - MAY 15- 16, 2021

CAMRT 2022 (Vancouver) - APRIL 23-24, 2022

CAMRT 2023 (Ottawa/Gatineau) - JUNE 2-3, 2023



Along with our own events, we partner with national organizations, such as the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM), the Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology (CAIR), the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists (CARO) and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) on joint conferences. In addition, the Radiological Technology Roadshow will visit multiple cities across Canada.

These meetings provide MRTs with access to the most relevant trends, research and clinical applications, and provide an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with the professionals they work with on a daily basis. Peruse events below and plan to attend the ones that will help you stay current, create strong professional networks and excel in your career.



CAMRT-BC Virtual InfoSHARE 2020 - July 9, 2020 12:00-13:15 PST
AMRTA Atlantic MRT Accord (Moncton) — POSTPONED
MAMRT Triad (Winnipeg) - November 8, 2020
46e congrès annuel de l’OTIMROEPMQ (Mont-Saint-Anne) - NOVEMBER 4-7, 2020