Upcoming Event: The Northern Alberta Commencement and Pinning Ceremony is anticipated to take place in the Spring of 2024. We will be celebrating the MRT graduates of programs from both the University of Alberta and NAIT. If you are interested in assisting with the planning of this event, please be sure to reach out to

The 2023 Southern Alberta Commencement and Pinning Ceremony

The first-ever Southern Alberta Commencement and Pinning Ceremony took place on November 7th. This special event, a collaboration between SAIT and CAMRT-AB, was designed to celebrate recent graduates from the MRT programs, acknowledging their accomplishments. We also invited faculty and MRTs from the community who played a crucial role in the students’ training. Interestingly, the planning committee initially expected a smaller turnout for this year’s event, with hopes of it growing over time. To our pleasant surprise, more than a third of the new graduates attended, and more than 80 attendees in total took part in this inaugural event.