Provincial Organizations

CAMRT and the organizations who represent, and in some instances, regulate, medical radiation technologists in each of Canada’s ten provinces work together under a formal Memorandum of Understanding that provides a framework for collaboration. This framework reflects the changing regulatory landscape for the profession across the country, as well as our shared members’ demands for increasing value with regards to their membership dues from the associations.

Our common goal is to achieve synergy and deliver better value to the profession by working together on a broad and mutual agenda to reinforce the position of the profession in the country and by tailoring operational efficiencies to meet the needs of all the parties.

Combined Membership

In some provinces, the CAMRT has combined membership with the provincial organization. This is the case in Atlantic Canada (NB, NS, PEI & NL) with CAMRT-ATL; Manitoba (with CAMRT-MB); and British Columbia (with CAMRT-BC).

Get the advantage of combined membership in the CAMRT and your provincial organization – Join or reinstate your membership today!


Your CAMRT membership is portable within Canada.  If you are moving, you will need to contact both the CAMRT office and your current provincial organization and college (if applicable) to inform them of your move.

Provincial Organizations

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland & Labrador