Advance Practice Registered Technologist (Radiation Therapy) Certification

What is Advanced Practice Registered Technologist (Radiation Therapy) (“APRT(T)”) Certification?

The APRT(T) certification process provides a standardized means to recognize and certify radiation therapists working at an advanced level in Canada. This process:

  • Assesses a candidate’s ability to carry out the role of an advanced practice radiation therapist based on defined competencies from a nationally-validated APRT(T) Competency Profile
  • Ensures that only those candidates who can provide firm evidence of meeting the defined competency criteria can be designated an APRT(T)
  • Provides a rigorous process that bestows value and credibility on the title and gives it significance and benefit for the practitioner, the employer, and the patient

For additional information, see CAMRT position statement The Use of Advanced Practice Titles for Radiation Therapists in Canada.

Why become an APRT(T)?

For the individual radiation therapist, formal certification demonstrates a recognized level of educational and career accomplishment built through years of study and experience. The consistent standard associated with certification allows national recognition for APRT(T)s.

For the profession of radiation therapy, formal certification establishes an agreed standard for advanced practice that is recognized across the country.

How does the APRT(T) Certification process work?

APRT(T) Certification is a three-phase competency-based assessment process consisting of:

  • Phase I: Portfolio Submission
  • Phase II: Patient Case Submission
  • Phase III: Competency-Based Oral Exam

Each phase of assessment follows upon successful completion of the previous phase and is designed to allow candidates to effectively demonstrate their competencies and experience.  The process as a whole allows the candidate and the assessors to evaluate candidate competency against the requirements defined in the APRT(T) Competency Profile.

For a full description of the process, see the APRT(T) Certification Policies and Procedures Handbook

A full listing of certification process materials is available at APRT(T) Certification Handbooks and Guides.

Who can apply to become an APRT(T)?
Eligibility criteria
Declaration of interest

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