With COVID-19 and all the pressures it puts on MRTs and the rest of the healthcare system, we are working hard to address new and pressing avenues for advocacy and dialogue with decision makers in positions to make a difference to MRTs on the front lines.

To see what CAMRT is doing for you, visit our COVID-19 Advocacy page.

Representing over 12,000 MRT professionals, CAMRT is the authoritative voice for MRTs in Canada. In this role, the CAMRT focuses on efforts that build awareness (both within the general public and the wider healthcare community) of the essential contributions of medical radiation technologists to the health of Canadians, and on addressing the positions and perspectives of MRT professionals on key issues.

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CAMRT Advocacy is also deeply informed by evidence, both our own and that from external research and organizations. Click here to see the latest CAMRT Research informing the MRT advocacy of today and tomorrow.

For media and other inquiries relating to the advocacy of the CAMRT, please contact the Director of Advocacy and Communications.