Inspired by its goal to “be the authoritative voice for MRTs in Canada”,   the CAMRT has progressively increased its profile as an effective advocate for the profession of medical radiation technology.  Our certification, education and professional practice resources support members to fulfill their role as the essential link between advanced technology and compassionate patient care. Our advocacy efforts aim to build public awareness of that role and to ensure that the profession’s perspective on key issues is heard when decisions that affect it are made.

The CAMRT advocacy platform has several pillars:

  • Branding the medical radiation technology profession through the Image of Care campaign;
  • Providing an influential voice and creating articulate positions on emerging issues in the practice of the profession;
  • Advising and consulting with government and other decision makers on matters that impact the profession, the patient and the healthcare system. (see CAMRT government submissions)

For media inquiries, please contact the Director of Advocacy and Communications

Visit the isotope supply page or the Isotope Supply Resource Centre for the latest information about the supply of medical radioisotopes.