Member Recognition and Awards Program

The Awards Program was established by CAMRT-BC to showcase the talent and professionalism of CAMRT-BC members and students enrolled in accredited medical radiation technology-education programs.

Paragon  Award

The Paragon Award is presented by BRACCO IMAGING Canada to the individual who receives the highest mark on a CAMRT certification exam in a given year.  This award is open to students as well as technologists who may be writing in a second discipline.


The following  awards are decided by nomination.

  • Nominee must be a current Full Practice, Non Practicing in the Full Practice Qualified, or Senior Member of the CAMRT-BC.
  • Unless otherwise noted, there is no restriction as to the years of membership within the CAMRT-BC of the nominee.

Innovative Leadership Award

The Innovative Leadership award is presented to an MRT who has demonstrated excellence in leadership. The recipient of this award may hold a formal leadership position or may demonstrate leadership within their work/professional environment.  This individual has earned the respect of coworkers through their efforts to contribute to the practice of excellence within their department/organization.  They exemplify professional leadership by upholding the values of Medical Radiation Technologists.  Through their efforts, there is a significant impact on the advancement of excellence in MRT practice.

The Young Professional Award

The Young Professional award is presented to an individual who has been practicing for five years or less, and yet has made a significant contribution to the profession at the beginning of their career.  This individual acts as a role model of professionalism and volunteerism. This individual demonstrates an early and ongoing interest in the endeavors of Medical Radiation Technologists.

Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates outstanding contributions in enhancing the teaching and learning experience of MRT students during their educational program.   The recipient of this award actively engages students within the academic and/or clinical environment.  This individual remains up to date with practice standards and ensures students aspire to reach their full potential.

Research Award

The Research Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in the field of research. This individual is active in the creation of knowledge and collaborative scholarly work in the theory and practice of the radiation sciences.    This may be through formal submission of research papers, completion of studies which include a research project or thesis based in MRT practice, or by extending the practice of MRT’s through research-based methodology.

This nomination must include an abstract of research work done by the nominee.

Award of Excellence (One per Discipline:  RTR, RTNM, RTT, RTMR)

The Award of Excellence is presented to an individual who consistently demonstrates excellence in technical proficiency and innovation. While never compromising patient care, the recipient of this award ensures every procedure is carried out to the highest possible standard. This individual is respected by their coworkers for the care and attention in performing all procedures.


2018 CAMRT-BC Awards Nomination Form

BCAMRT Foundation Awards

Nomination Process: 

Complete the nomination form found online by Monday September 24th, 2018

 Nominations will be reviewed by the nominations committee. All nominations will remain confidential. It is the choice of the nominator whether or not  to inform the nominee.

At the discretion of the nominations committee, if a suitable candidate is not nominated there will be no award presented.

Student Papers

Rebecca Battilana- Paleoradiology: Investigative use of Computed Tomography

Heather Stephaniuk- Pediatric Non-Accidental Injury: Identifying and Reporting


Past Recipients

Past recipients of BCAMRT awards


CAMRT-BC Member Profiles

Bobbi Sue Clendenning, RTT
Lorraine Guillet, RTR, RTMR, CTIC
Sarah Erdelyi, RTR
Louise Rimanic, RTNM