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In a 2013 Harris Decima poll commissioned by the CAMRT, nearly one third of the national sample of Canadians surveyed indicated that they had received a medical imaging procedure or radiation therapy to treat cancer or another disease in the past six months. By the same token, polls also indicate that patients in medical imaging and radiation therapy are satisfied with the care given to them by MRTs.

However, there is a disconnect for the MRT profession: only a small percentage of Canadians could correctly identify MRT as the name of the healthcare provider group that performed the service. This research indicates that most Canadians mistakenly assume that MRTs are nurses, doctors or lab technicians. They don’t understand who delivers these services or the role of the MRT within the healthcare system.

Engaging people through the Image of Care campaign has shown that education and promotion of the profession works. With the high-level of visibility and patient contact during MRT Week, it presents a perfect opportunity to discuss the profession with patients.


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