Ways to promote and celebrate

When planning, consider activities that both recognize MRT accomplishments and educate other members of the healthcare team about your role. There are so many effective and engaging ways to celebrate and promote the profession. Brighten the celebrations by creating colourful visual displays with MRT Week posters and giveaways to educate your peers and clients in the workplace about what you do. Take the time to talk to patients and healthcare professionals individually about the ways in which MRTs deliver technology with care. Talk to local media about showcasing the medical radiation technology profession in a newspaper article, radio or television interview. Ask a local politician about proclaiming MRT Week officially in your city or province. Make a presentation to students about the rewards of a career in medical radiation technology.


Ideas for promotion and celebration

Creating a visual display
Organizing an education session
Community education
Media outreach
Public service announcements
Official recognition
Community engagement and fundraising


Whatever you end up doing, be sure to send us photos with the hashtag #MRTWeek2021 to be featured in the winter edition of the CAMRT News!

You can also send MRT Week photos to Phalandia Mondésir at pmondesir@camrt.ca

Promote the MRT profession

Celebrate MRT contributions