Awareness of the MRT Profession

Promoting awareness of the MRT profession is an important and  long-standing role for CAMRT as the voice for the profession in Canada. As members and MRTs, you have made it clear that enabling a better understanding of what you do and, just as importantly, how what you do impacts patient care and the function of the healthcare system as a whole is a high priority.

Decades ago, MRTs in Canada established MRT Week, a week focused on raising awareness of the role of MRTs in Canada. The week has grown and grown and remains the flagship of MRT awareness in the calendar year.

In addition to MRT Week, CAMRT seeks opportunities throughout the year, and through varied media and member initiatives to increase awareness. All our advocacy has an awareness component, however, the activities listed on the page below are primarily designed with awareness in mind.

MRT Week

MRT Week is an annual celebration (which falls on the week of November 8th every year) of the essential role that medical radiation technologists (MRTs) play in the healthcare system.

MRT Week Page

Keep an eye on CAMRT communications in the period leading up to MRT Week for opportunities and ideas on how to get involved and promote the profession.


Public Awareness Media and Tools

MRT Awareness Website

The Image of Care website, launched in 2011, has been a hub for the public seeking knowledge about MRTs. Over the last decade, the website has had hundreds of thousands of visitors and has served  as the point of entry for Canadians wishing to learn about tthe essential roles MRTs play in the healthcare system.

NOTE: CAMRT is currently in the process of updating this important public-facing site being updated in look and content. The goals of the update are to make the site more visual, expand and enhance the content, and provide a smoother user experience.


MRT Awareness Video

Watch and share the Awareness video


National MRT Awareness Campaign

Awareness Video Ads

In conjunction with MRT Week, CAMRT’s National Awareness campaign was run as video advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Each year it has run (2020-2022), ads were sent to the social media feeds of millions of Canadians, bringing the story of the essential role MRTs play in everyone’s health to the Canadian public.

See CAMRT’s video advertisements


Awareness Posters

Electronic files of 2020 and 2021 posters files are available for download below (Original size: 17″x 24″)