CAMRT Micro Certificates

We are proud to offer you this new pathway to learning – we know that you are working harder than ever, and it is tiring! CAMRT’s micro certificates allow you to self-direct your learning, taking manageable bundled-up CPD that is aimed at providing knowledge and skills in a specific practice area. Content is peer-reviewed and accredited for Category A credit like our stand-alone educational offerings, and carefully curated to provide you with focused learning that is flexible, efficient and cost-effective.

The CAMRT issues a digital badge to all micro certificate program graduates.

Badges can be used to showcase your educational and professional achievements, displaying them on socials or professional profiles. They are embedded with metadata that authenticates the badge – on a resume, for example, employers can click on the badge to instantly verify the credential earned. In our online world, you can still proudly display your professional accomplishments!

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