As the national association, CAMRT is the authoritative voice for medical radiation technologists (MRTs) in Canada. Throughout its diverse advocacy, CAMRT focuses on efforts that build awareness of the essential contributions of MRTs to the health of Canadians (both within the general public and the wider healthcare community), and on addressing the positions and perspectives of MRTs on key issues.

With strength in numbers – over 11,000 members – the CAMRT advocates effectively to advance and evolve the profession, and to strengthen recognition of MRTs. This advocacy is more important today than ever, with critical issues such as MRT workforce, MRT scope of practice, the adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into health, and more coming up in discussions and decisions being made by governments and other decision makers across the country. CAMRT advocacy, across its multiple fronts, means the voice of the MRT profession is heard loud and clear.

Ways We Advocate for MRTs

See below the many different ways CAMRT is bringing the MRT voice to the issues of today:

  • Awareness of the MRT Profession Special targeted initiatives to raise awareness for the profession and its vital role in Canadian healthcare.
  • Position Statements Making evidence-based statements on issues of importance to the MRT profession.
  • Government Studies and Submissions Sharing evidence-based arguments in formal (and informal) government processes and discussions.
  • Press and Media Getting the MRT voice and perspective into the media to raise awareness and move its advocacy forward.
  • Strategic Collaborations in Advocacy Working closely with partners to augment its advocacy and move forward on causes of common importance.
  • Provincial Advocacy Members across seven Canadian provinces have given CAMRT the mandate to advocate for them provincially as well as nationally. In these provinces, CAMRT works through its provincial arms to advocate on issues of importance for MRTs living and working there.

In addition to the above, CAMRT also works to advocate directly with elected officials (federal and provincial), other government officials (e.g., Health Canada, etc.) and leaders in important organizations to advance discussion and deicions on issues of importance to MRTs. If you are interested in learning more about this direct advocacy, please contact CAMRT’s Director of Advocacy and Communications.

Advocacy Issues

CAMRT advocates for MRT interests and concerns across a range of important issues.

Current Issues

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – We are currently working to build pages on a number of other pages to help you see our advocacy efforts in Mental Health and Wellness of MRTs, Radiation Safety, Appropriateness in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Isotope Supply, Helium Supply

Previous Issues (Of Interest)


For media and other enquiries relating to the advocacy of the CAMRT, please contact CAMRT’s Director of Advocacy and Communications.