CAMRT-AB Advocacy


Provincial Advocacy

Advocacy for the MRT profession at the provincial level, with government and other stakeholders, is an important function of a provincial association. CAMRT-AB endeavours to identify and address advocacy needs related to the most pressing issues for the MRT profession in the province. Identification of advocacy priorities will be an important and ongoing function of the CAMRT-AB Advisory Council, but we also invite individual members to contact CAMRT-AB to express their views and priorities.

Importance of Advocacy

Being the dedicated representative for its members within the province, the advocacy efforts carried out by CAMRT-AB accomplish the following and more:

  • Amplifies the representation of AB MRTs to governmental bodies and other influencers in healthcare
  • Utilizes data concerning the MRT profession to substantiate the necessity for substantial changes
  • Empowers the MRT community, ensuring active participation and influence
  • Strengthens professional connections and partnerships with provincial stakeholders
  • Advances public acknowledgement of the indispensable role MRTs fulfill within Alberta’s healthcare framework

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Ideas and Issues for Advocacy

Do you have a matter of provincial advocacy that you would like CAMRT-AB to discuss and consider? If so, please contact Gina McRae at