Communities of Practice

The CAMRT Communities of Practice (COPs):

  • Background Information
  • The COP initiative – developing an online community for MRTs
  • Value to MRTs – an opportunity to share and collaborate with MRTs across Canada

Background Information

Communities of Practice (COPs) have been defined and have emerged since the creation of the World Wide Web as an opportunity to connect and share information. COPs in different fields develop and exist when there are gaps between the existing knowledge available in documentation and reference materials, and the actual problems faced in practice in people’s day-to-day lives. Communities come together when there is a group of passionate people with a common topic or area of interest. With the amount of technology available in the 21st century, the possibilities for online collaboration have become endless.

The COP Initiative

Over the past year the CAMRT has been developing a virtual online community for CAMRT members with the help of the COP Steering Committee and the McGill University research group on Complex Collaboration, headed by Dr. Samer Faraj. The purpose of this community is to provide MRTs a space to communicate, share information and develop ideas while providing an interactive online collaborative experience for the users.

Collectively, after careful review, the “Slack” platform was identified and chosen to provide a rich and interactive experience for those interested in participating in the CAMRT COPs. The potential for online collaboration is endless.

Value to MRTs


  • Enable nationwide discussions where you can share, learn and connect with other MRTs
  • Provide a platform to share files to build the MRT knowledge base
  • Are mobile friendly and easy to use on any mobile device
  • Will house a member directory with direct messaging capabilities
  • Allow personalized profile creation and setting preferences, with no annoying notifications

The CAMRT has developed a Code of Conduct to ensure privacy and security of the information shared on Slack, as well as to promote professional conduct. The CAMRT COP Code of Conduct can be viewed at: COP Code of Conduct

If you have any questions about the CAMRT COPs please watch this short video or if you would like to become more involved, please contact:

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