Revised Fellowship Program

CAMRT and the Fellowship Committee are currently embarking on updates to the Fellowship candidate guidelines, resources, and assessment criteria to improve clarity, transparency, and consistency in the delivery of the program. Intake into the Fellowship program is temporarily paused while these updates are being made. The timeline to re-open applications is January 2025.

If you have any questions, please contact

The Fellowship Program has three components:

  1. Point accumulation across five pathway
    The accumulation of points across five pathways: academic achievements, research, social responsibility, educating others and professional contributions. There is no timeframe for accumulation of points through activities. Activities from across the MRT’s career can be used.
  2. Capstone Paper
    A capstone requirement which provides the opportunity to reflect, and write a paper that describes how the activities performed for accumulation of points for the five pathways link to the key attributes required for Fellowship.
  3. Mentorship project
    A mentorship project that provides evidence of completion of a project that supported, built capacity and empowered other MRTs.