Income Tax Receipts

Beginning with the 2019 tax year, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires that all designated educational institutions in Canada
collect candidates’ Social Insurance Numbers (SINs)
on Form T2202 (formerly T2202A).

T2202 certificates will only be issued for full-length courses for the tax year in question. T2202s will not be issued for any other type of course, regardless of the cumulative amount paid.

*Administration and processing fees do not qualify as eligible tuition fees.

Collection of Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)

CAMRT will contact eligible candidates annually prior to collect SIN numbers from those to whom a T2202 will be issued. CAMRT takes the security of your private information seriously – your SIN will be stored confidentially and securely within an encrypted field in your profile and will be removed from our system after all receipts have been issued.

Distribution of T2202 Certificates

T2202s containing SINs will be made available in the CAMRT online portal in February of each year.

For questions related to income taxes and educational deductions, please contact Canada Revenue Agency.