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CAMRT-BC is the home for provincial association services for medical radiation technologists (MRTs) in British Columbia.  The association provides an array of services to its members, including engaging with the Government of BC, providing local education events, and expanding our volunteer network through the Site Ambassadors Program. In addition, the Provincial Manager visits sites across the province to provide updates and meet with members.

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CAMRT-BC brings significant added value for BC members, while keeping the cost of provincial membership dues to a minimum. Since 2018, through ongoing engagement with members, we have been working to ensure BC MRTs are supported, recognized, and provided with important resources at the provincial level. We encourage you to explore all the ways CAMRT-BC is working to support its members in BC.




A unified voice for issues impacting the MRT profession in BC.

  • Making sure the voice of BC MRTs is heard
  • Engaging with the Government of BC and other provincial stakeholders
  • Networking and collaborating with provincial organizations
  • Improving public recognition of the vital role of MRTs on BC’s healthcare team during MRT Week and more



A provincial network helping BC MRTs stay informed and connected.





Educational events and activities focused on the interests and needs of MRTs in BC.

  • Providing provincial education and networking opportunities, including The Summit
  • Supporting volunteers to co-organize regional InfoShare Events
  • Supporting leadership development among BC MRTs
  • Focusing on BC-specific topics


Recognizing BC members and building pride in the profession.



Joint Provincial Membership (2 memberships in 1)


Members in British Columbia enjoy the benefits of a joint CAMRT and CAMRT-BC membership.

The information on this page describes provincial member benefits only. Discover the value of belonging and the benefits that come with your full CAMRT membership (such as professional liability insurance, discounts on professional development opportunities, and access to a network of over 11,000 MRTs nationwide).

Learn more about the joint provincial membership options available to BC MRTs and students.

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