Welcome to CAMRT-BC – your  home for provincial association services in BC.

CAMRT-BC is the home for provincial association services for MRTs in British Columbia.  The association provides an array of services to its members, including working with the BC government on the upcoming regulatory college for radiation therapists, providing local education events and expanding our volunteer network through the Site Ambassador program.  In addition the Provincial Manager visits sites across the province to provide updates and meet with members.

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CAMRT-BC is continually working towards a stronger MRT profession in the province of BC, and for ways to engage in (and inform members about) our many activities.  On these pages you will find information on CAMRT-BC, its activities and its plans for the future. We encourage you to explore and engage with us yourselves:


Benefits of CAMRT-BC membership

Membership dues

Provincial advocacy (incl. Regulatory college updates)



Site Visits

Check the map below to see if the Provincial Manger has been to your workplace recently. If you would like to have the Provincial Manager visit, contact her at

Contact Information

If you wish to contact CAMRT-BC about anything, we ask that you use the phone and email contacts below:

Phone contact information: 613-234-0012 / 1-800-463-9729 (toll free in Canada)

General email enquiries:

Provincial Manager, CAMRT-BC: Sarah Erdelyi (