CAMRT-BC has many opportunities for members to volunteer. These opportunities allow members to build their experience in areas of personal interest, to contribute back to the profession, and also to enjoy meeting other MRTs from across the province.  One easy way to start as a volunteer is to become a Site Ambassador.

Current CAMRT-BC Volunteer Groups

CAMRT-BC Advisory Council

CAMRT-BC Site Ambassadors

Current CAMRT-BC Volunteer Appointments

Paige Purcha, BCIT Student, CAMRT-BC Site Ambassador Coordinator
Nicole Bemister, RTR, CAMRT-BC Slack Co-Administrator
Teya Carter, RTR, CAMRT-BC Instragram and Facebook Co-Administrator
Jennifer Lam, RTT, CAMRT-BC Twitter Co-Administrator

Current Volunteer Opportunities

BC Site Ambassadors
Does your workplace/department have a CAMRT-BC Site Ambassador? If not, consider becoming part of the Site Ambassador team.
When you become a BC Site Ambassador, you will gain access to the private online community of practice on Slack and receive additional updates from the Provincial Manager.
All CAMRT-BC members are welcome to join, including students.

InfoShare Speaker or Event Co-Organizer
Are you interested in helping to organize a CAMRT-BC InfoShare educational and networking event (e.g. by helping to develop a program, recruit speakers, or other related tasks)? If this is you, please get in touch.  To find out more information about InfoShare, please visit this page to browse through past provincial organization events.
Due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions on hosting in person events, CAMRT-BC is pursuing virtual InfoShare events for 2020.  We are looking for MRTs who might be interested in presenting virtually using our GoToWebinar program.  If you have a presentation already developed or if you are looking to develop a new presentation, please get in touch to find out how CAMRT-BC can support you and if your presentation could be included in the next InfoShare event.

MRT Practice 101 mini Webinar Series
CAMRT-BC is currently developing a new initiative to highlight the many specialty roles within the MRT profession.  The main objective is to develop mini Webinars presented by MRTs across BC.  We are looking for individuals who might be interested in being part of a committee involved in the planning and implementation of the initiative.  We are also looking for individuals who would be willing to be featured in one of the mini webinars by sharing the story of their personal career journey and present to other MRTs about their specialty/modality.  More information, including dates and timelines, will be announced as this project continues to develop.

CAMRT-BC is currently looking for volunteers to help plan and participate in our annual spring/summer commencement ceremonies in Prince George, Burnaby, and Victoria.  (update: 2020 Commencement Ceremonies are on hold during the covid-19 pandemic).

Slack (COP) Channel Moderator
We recently launched a new channel on Slack: #camrtbc.  Slack is the platform used to host CAMRT’s online community of practice (COP) for members.  When you join this online community, you can chat with MRTs across the country in different channels that are organized by topic.  The purpose of the new #camrtbc channel is to discuss CAMRT-BC and other issues affecting MRTs in BC.  We are looking for a BC member who would be interested in becoming a channel moderator, which means you join the channel and help the Provincial Manager to monitor the content.  There can be more than one channel moderator.
You can find out more about CAMRT’s online COP by watching this video.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering with CAMRT-BC, please send your expression of interest to the Provincial Manager, Sarah Erdelyi at serdelyi@camrt.ca.   Please describe which volunteer position you are interested in, along with any other relevant information.