CAMRT-BC Advisory Council

The CAMRT-BC Advisory Council offers expertise and support to the CAMRT Board of Directors and staff regarding issues relating to MRT practice and provincial member services in the province. It is a critical voice in representing MRTs in the province, assessing member needs in areas such as continuing professional development, advocacy, social events, awards and member recognition.

Advisory Council News

CAMRT-BC Advisory Council Members

Hayley Olson, BSc, RTNM

Term:  March 2021 – Februrary 2023

Role: Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Vancouver Coastal Health and PET/CT Technologist, BC Cancer and Part-time Instructor, BCIT

  • Provides expertise as a practicing technologist in several clinical sites as well as a recent graduate (2019)
  • Part time instructor in the nuclear medicine program at BCIT
  • Works casually at three hospitals and BC Cancer Vancouver
  • Prior volunteer experience with the School of Health Sciences at BCIT
  • Prior experience organizing and volunteering at events at UBC


Katherine Kwan, BA, RTR, RTMR

Term: March 2021 – Februrary 2023

Role: Accreditation Research and Development Officer, College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

  • Engages with multiple levels of stakeholders to create health system improvements through accreditation and education
  • Experience in diagnostic imaging accreditation and developing accreditation standards
  • Co-chairs the MRI Program Advisory Committee at BCIT
  • On the Medical Radiography Program Advisory Committee at BCIT
  • On the CAMRT Professional Practice Advisory Council for MRI and CT

Michelle Spacek, BSc, RTR

Term: March 2021-February 2023

Role: Cath Lab and CT Technologist, Vancouver General Hospital and Account Manager, Canon Medical Systems

  • Current work experience provides expertise as a practicing technologist, as well as understanding of medical imaging equipment sales
  • Prior experience in emergency management and acted as liaison for VCH-PHC Regional Emergency Operations Centre COVID-19 response
  • InfoShare Okanogan 2019 volunteer
  • HSA General Steward

Ruth Dillon, BSc, RTT

Term: March 2021-February 2023

Role: Radiation Therapist, BC Cancer Vancouver

  • Current work experience provides expertise as a practicing radiation therapist
  • International experience as a radiation therapist (Ireland)
  • Published in the Journal of Cancer Education and Irish Journal of Medical Science
  • Prior volunteer experience as peer reviewer for CAMRT SRS Quick Self Study


Ted Toriumi, RTT

Term:  January 2020 – December 2021

Role: Treatment Module Leader/Chief Radiation Therapist (Regional Professional Practice Leader) BC Cancer  Abbotsford

  • Chair of the Abbotsford Radiation Therapy Quality Committee
  • Participates on several committees, including Provincial Radiation Therapy Quality Committee and BC Cancer/BCIT Clinical Liaison
  • BCAMRT Innovative Leadership recipient 2016


Erin Robitaille, RTR, CBIS, CBID

Term: January 2020 – December 2021

Role: Technologist Breast Imaging/General Radiography Penticton Regional Hospital

  • CAMRT Leadership Development attendee
  • On the CBI committee for the CAMRT
  • Keynote speaker 2019 Siemens Symposium

Sean West, RTR

Term 2: January 2020 – December 2021

Role: Regional Practice Lead, CT Quality, Safety and Process Improvement Lower Mainland

  • Extensive CT experience
  • Local and provincial network of MRTs
  • Surveyor Diagnostic Accreditation Program
  • Assisted BCAMRT Regulatory Working Committee (CT)

Terry Mitchell, RTR, BA Medical Anthropology

Term: January 2020 – December 2021

Role: Chief Technologist Fort St John Hospital

  • Responsible for all aspects of 7 modality MI Department
  • CAMRT Leadership Development Institute participant
  • 2014 CAMRT L.G. Cartwright Award recipient
  • Presentations at CAMRT and CAMRT-BC events


Nicole Bemister, RTR, CBIS

Term: January 2020 – December 2021

ROLE:  General Radiography Assistant Team Lead,  Medray Imaging  Coquitlam

  • Assists in managing and leading a team of up to 30 MRTs over 5 departments in a private clinic setting
  • CAMRT Leadership Development Institute participant
  • CAMRT Professional Practice Advisory Council: Breast Imaging Chair
  • CAMRT-BC slack champion

Ravinder Jhawer, RTR, BTech, RTMR, CT Specialty Certificate

Term: January 2020 – December 2021

Role: Supervisor
General Radiology/Interventional Radiology , St Paul’s Hospital 

  • Vancouver Coastal/Providence Health Leadership programs
  • Site Radiation Safety Officer
  • Extensive experience at Medical Imaging sites througout Lower Mainland


Sarah Erdelyi, RTR, CTIC, MSc Health Science Education

Role: Provincial Manager, CAMRT-BC

  • CAMRT Leadership Development attendee
  • Teaches in the Medical Radiography Program at Camosun College
  • Member of the Professional Practice Advisory Council
  • Previous Chair of the CAMRT-BC Advisory Council


Kristy Owen, RTNM

Role: Instructor/Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Nuclear Medicine Technology, BCIT

  • Ex-officio member to Advisory Council
  • CAMRT Director for BC
  • Previous volunteer experience with BCAMRT as co-chair of AGC
  • Previous clinical experience at multiple hospitals in the lower mainland
  • Passion for leadership and working with students