Welcome to CAMRT-MB 

Your Home for Provincial Association Services in Manitoba.


CAMRT-MB is the home for provincial association services for MRTs in Manitoba.  CAMRT-MB provides an array of services to its members, including communicating with Provincial governments, providing local education events and expanding our volunteer network through the Site Ambassador program.  In addition the Provincial Manager visits sites across the province to provide updates and meet with members.


With a shifting focus to self-regulation of MRTs and increasing difficulties recruiting volunteers, leadership from the Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists approached CAMRT to inquire if a model like CAMRT-BC would work in Manitoba. After much discussion, a CAMRT-MB model was created and presented to the Manitoba MRT membership through Town Hall Meetings. Between September 14-21, 2022, MRTs in Manitoba voted on whether to implement a new model for provincial association services, CAMRT-MB. The results were a resounding YES in favor of the implementation of this new model.


With CAMRT-MB, members receive a variety of member benefits including a provincial voice, increased outreach, recognition, and education.




A unified voice for issues impacting the MB MRT Community:

  • Making sure the voice of  MRTs is heard
  • Engaging with provincial government and regulators
  • Increasing public awareness regarding the vital role of MRTs in the MB healthcare system



A provincial network helping MB MRTs stay informed and connected:

  • Providing local professional volunteer opportunities
  • Meeting with members through site visits and presentation
  • Keeping members informed through provincial updates and member publications





Educational initiatives with a provincial focus:

  • Planning regional info-share events
  • Supporting leadership development among MB members
  • Planning opportunities with a Manitoba focus



Recognizing MB members and building pride in the profession:

  • Highlighting member achievements
  • Acknowledging MB members’ professional accomplishments
  • Celebrating ceremonies and events


Get Involved in CAMRT-MB

CAMRT-MB is always looking for volunteers to be Site Ambassadors at their clinical site. The Site Ambassador program is a network of Medical Radiation Technologists who share a desire to inform and engage the membership through local activities and discussion. Site Ambassadors serve a critical role as a key contact between the CAMRT-MB Provincial Manager and the membership of CAMRT-MB. Your involvement as a Site Ambassador will be personally and professionally rewarding as well as contributing to the strength of the MRT membership in Manitoba. Find out more by looking at the Site Ambassador Network Terms of Reference.


Contact Information 

If you wish to contact CAMRT-MB about anything, we ask that you use the phone and email contacts below:

General Inquiries: 1-800-463-9729 (toll free in Canada)

CAMRT Staff Contact List

Provincial Manager, CAMRT-MB: Dayna McTaggart