Salary Scale Analysis

Salary scales information was assembled for reference by practicing medical imaging and radiation technologists and therapists, and students preparing to enter this field of practice in Canada.

The publication is a collection of provincial wage scales gathered from unions and outside bargaining units’ collective agreements. Every attempt has been made to outline wage scales for the four disciplines: radiological technologists, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists and magnetic resonance imaging technologists. However, in some collective agreements there is no distinction made between the disciplines. Supplementary information includes overtime premiums and an appendix addressing average spending on goods and services across the country.

CAMRT Salary Scale Analysis, 2023-12


Invitation for Member participation: Should you have knowledge of more recent or absent collective agreement information, the CAMRT would welcome your assistance in keeping the Salary Scale Analysis current and relevant to our members. To do so, please contact Phyllis Williams at CAMRT.