Textbooks must be purchased separately. Most textbooks listed can be purchased from:

University of Toronto Bookstore

214 College Street

Toronto, ON M5T 3A1


Telephone: (416) 640-5830 x. 5831 or 1-800-387-4420 x. 5831

Fax: 416-640-5336 or 1-800-665-8810 (in Canada)

E-mail: medical@uoftbookstore.com

Website: https://uoftbookstore.com/ 

Candidates are not limited to purchasing course textbooks from this vendor.

The University of Toronto bookstore accepts MasterCard and Visa orders by telephone or in writing. Prices for textbooks are subject to change at any time and shipping fees are not included. Those textbooks not available through the University of Toronto bookstore are clearly indicated in the course description and a source is provided.