MRT Week

MRT Week 2020 took place from November 8-14

MRT Week is an annual celebration (which falls on the week of November 8th every year) of the essential role that medical radiation technologists (MRTs) play in the healthcare system. MRTs deliver professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services with a caring touch, allowing patients to fully benefit from the latest in medical diagnostic and treatment technology.

In 2020, MRT Week looked and felt quite a bit different regardless of situation or restrictions, but there was still much celebration and promotion of the profession – even at a distance.

MRT Week in 2021 takes place from November 7 to November 13. Stay tuned for announcements about our planned awareness activities, contests and promotional material orders from the summer momths onward.

National MRT Awareness Campaign

This year, we are also using MRT Week as the springboard for a new national awareness campaign. We hope you will join us in supporting the campaign by placing the posters you ordered for MRT prominently at your sites, and by helping to amplify the predominantly online awareness push.

The poster files are available for download (in the order seen above):
Original size: 17″x 24″


Watch and share the Awareness videos
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Together, as we push for greater recognition of all that MRTs do for Canadians, CAMRT is asking you to actively join in the campaign by taking a few simple, but important steps.

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Find out how: MRT WEEK Guide 2020


Facebook Filter

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Sharing Online

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3) Like and share posts from CAMRT and your fellow MRTs

MRT Week Sponsors

CAMRT would like to thank all of the sponsors who have supported MRT Week 2020.