MRT Week in BC


MRT Week 2024 will take place from November 3-9

MRT Week is an annual celebration (which falls on the week of November 8th every year) of the essential role that medical radiation technologists (MRTs) play in the healthcare system. MRTs deliver professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services with a caring touch, allowing patients to fully benefit from the latest in medical diagnosis and treatment technology.

Learn about CAMRT’s national MRT Week campaign and resources.

MRT Week in British Columbia

Recognition for MRTs

MRT Week Announcements and Proclamations in BC

Each year, CAMRT-BC submits a request to the Province of British Columbia to formally proclaim Medical Radiation Technologist Week. Proclamations can be viewed on the BC Laws website.

Community Awareness

CAMRT-BC is seeking volunteers to submit MRT Week announcements and/or proclamation requests to their mayors and city councils.

CAMRT-BC Advisory Council Chair, Erin Robitaille, with colleague, Tracy Handfield, receiving MRT Week 2022 Proclamation by the City of Penticton

CAMRT-BC Site Ambassador, Riley Smith, receiving MRT Week 2022 Proclamation by the City of Fort St. John

We currently have volunteers to submit MRT Week 2024 requests to the following cities:

  • More information about this year’s requests will be shared as it becomes available.

If you would like to help raise awareness about the MRT profession in your community and have your city added to this list, please contact Provincial Manager, Sarah Erdelyi, at


MRT Week Landmark Lighting Requests in BC

CAMRT-BC members are “shining a light” on MRTs by sending requests to their cities to light up in blue and orange (two of CAMRT’s logo colours) during MRT Week.

MRT Week 2024 Lightings

  • More information about this year’s requests will be shared as it becomes available.

Know of a landmark in your community that accepts lighting requests? Contact to add your MRT Week landmark lighting details to this list or for support on how to make your request.

Celebrate MRT Week Virtually

A growing number of organizations in BC (including health authorities, post-secondary institutions, BC Radiological Society, Health Sciences Association of BC, and more) are promoting CAMRT’s national MRT Week campaign on their social media platforms. We encourage you to reach out to the communications department at your workplace and find out if they have MRT Week on their social media calendar.

Ways you can participate:

  • Join the CAMRT-BC Facebook Group or follow us on Instagram/Twitter
  • Tag @camrt_bc in your MRT Week posts so we can re-share
  • Use the hashtags #MRTWeek2024 and #camrtbc
  • Send us photos of you and your colleagues celebrating MRT Week to feature in CAMRT/CAMRT-BC publications and social media. Email photos to or direct message us on social media.

MRTs at St. Paul’s Hospital during MRT Week 2022 

MRT Week 2022 goodies from the students at CNC

MRT Week 2022 display at Chilliwack General Hospital

Be sure to take advantage of all the resources provided by CAMRT to help you promote the MRT profession this MRT Week. Find CAMRT MRT Week Resources.

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