CAMRT-MB Advocacy

Advocacy for the MRT profession at the provincial level, with government and other stakeholders, is an important function of a provincial association. CAMRT-MB endeavors to identify and address advocacy needs related to the most pressing issues for the MRT profession in Manitoba. Identification of advocacy priorities will be an important and ongoing function of the CAMRT-MB Advisory Council, but we also invite individual members to contact CAMRT-MB to express their views and priorities.


Current Initiatives

Meeting with Government
Letters to Government
In the Media
MRT Week 2023


MRT Self Regulation

Self-regulation of MRTs in Manitoba is still a very important priority and the Ad-Hoc Committee for Self-regulation, established by the Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (MAMRT), is still hard at work to accomplish this task.

In October 2021, the application for Self-Regulation was submitted to the Health Professions Advisory Council (HPAC).  MRTs in Manitoba must now wait for the HPAC to review and investigate the application.  The HPAC will also consider whether to proceed with public presentations, and following that, research, legal analysis and writing of the final report will also need to take place.  It is anticipated that the review may take at least another year or two.

Update:  In late 2023, CAMRT-MB was notified by the HPAC that the review of the application for self-regulation of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technologists was complete and the next step would be a province wide public consultation.

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