History of the CAMRT

In 2022, CAMRT celebrated the 80th anniversary of its inception. From the concerted effort of a small group of provincial leaders in 1942, the enduring association was born. While new technologies and even entire disciplines have emerged, the CAMRT has been a constant for medical radiation technologists (formerly called radiological technicians). It is striking to look at some of the original objectives of the young national society:


“to provide standards and training facilities to meet the present-day needs of the radiologic technician”

“to promote and encourage the science and art of radiological technique and to consider and discuss all subjects pertaining to it”


Although these goals may have changed in scope over the years, they remain very close to the mission and vision of the CAMRT, and show how the association has provided a solid foundation and support for the Canadian MRT in a landscape of ongoing change.

This section of the website provides a small glimpse into the history of the organization, through stories, lists and even an interactive timeline. Take some time to browse and discover some of the important milestones and achievements of the MRT colleagues who came before you:


CAMRT Timeline

Founding of the Dominion Society

History and Origin of the CAMRT Name

CAMRT Members of Note

75 Years of National Gatherings

Archives – Honorary Award Recipients