Celebrate MRT contributions

MRT Week is also the time to celebrate yourselves, the professionals who work consistently to embody the deliver patients all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care. Recognizing the achievements of your colleagues is a great way to boost workplace morale, encourage professionalism, and reinvigorate the enthusiasm for providing this essential link.


Recognize your coworkers

MRT week is an occasion to recognize the achievements of staff – take advantage of the opportunity to include staff details in your information displays. This can help to create a meaningful connections between MRTs and their patients. Let people hear about your facility’s expertise and what vital roles MRTs play in the healthcare sector.

Encourage your supervisor to recognize MRTs with a description of their contributions and their photo on display in a common area. Or, ask MRTs within your organization to provide you with personal stories about their experiences that you can then share through association or hospital newsletters, social media, local newspapers, or at staff meetings.


Success stories from past celebrations

“Our CEO circulated a memo to all staff reminding everyone that it was MRT Week and to acknowledge the role we play as part of the healthcare team and to thank us for our dedication to the hospital and patients we serve.”

“MRT Week is a great opportunity for building community within our department, as well as showing staff appreciation. Throughout the week we celebrated with cake, enjoyed a tea provided by our secretaries, receptionists and nursing colleagues, and we ended the week with a luncheon sponsored by our Radiation Oncologists.”


Whatever you end up doing, be sure to send us photos to be featured in the CAMRT News!

You can also send MRT Week photos to CAMRT at communications@camrt.ca.

Promote the MRT profession

Ways to promote and celebrate