CAMRT-BC Awards Showcase 2020

CAMRT-BC Awards Showcase 2020

A recording of the 2020 CAMRT-BC Awards Presentation is now available for viewing.

2020 CAMRT-BC Award Recipients

The Member Recognition and Awards Program was established by CAMRT-BC to showcase the talent and professionalism of CAMRT-BC members and students enrolled in accredited medical radiation technology education programs.  We received nominations in five award categories this year. Along with the Bracco Paragon Award, we are pleased to recognize six CAMRT-BC members for winning awards.

Bracco Paragon Award

This award is provided by Bracco Diagnostics each year to the MRT from British Columbia who achieved the highest score on the certification exam across all disciplines.

The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present this award to Alanna Wolf, RTR



Not only did Alanna receive the highest score among all BC exam candidates in 2019, but she was also recognized nationally at the CAMRT 2020 Celebration of Excellence for achieving a tie for the highest score among all Radiological Technology exam candidates across Canada.  She is a graduate of BCIT’s Medical Radiography program and is happily employed as an MRT in Northern BC.

Award of Excellence – RTMR and RTR

The Award of Excellence is presented to individuals who consistently demonstrate excellence in technical proficiency and innovation. While never compromising patient care, the recipients of this award ensure every procedure is carried out to the highest possible standard. These individuals are respected by their coworkers for the care and attention in performing all procedures.

There are two recipients for the Award of Excellence this year.


The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present the Award of Excellence – RTMR to Mark Johnson, RTR, RTMR

Mark has been an MRT for over 37 years and retired this September.  He spent most of his career at BC Children’s Hospital, and has developed expertise in pediatric imaging in a number of modalities. He has taught countless students from BCIT and NAIT.  In more recent years, he has been working exclusively in MRI.

“Whether he is coaching a child on how to stay still for a lengthy MRI scan, orientating new staff members at the hospital, consoling a parent as their child undergoes sedation prior to a scan, or sharing his juice box with a diabetic patient who had an unexpected delay to their appointment, Mark always conducts himself with the greatest professionalism and compassion. He is a truly dedicated, reliable, and knowledgeable staff member who exemplifies excellence.”





The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present the Award of Excellence – RTR to Nicole Bemister, RTR

Nicole has been a technologist for just over 10 years.  She graduated from BCIT’s Medical Radiography program in 2010. She is currently the general radiography Assistant Team Lead at MedRay Imaging.  Not only does she lead at the clinic, but she also holds two casual positions in mammography: one performing diagnostic mammography at Royal Columbian Hospital and another performing screening mammography at Richmond Hospital.

Nicole is very engaged in professional activities.  She sits on the Professional Practice Advisory Council at the CAMRT, the Advisory Council for the CAMRT-BC, and is the CAMRT representative for the Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Network.

“Nicole is deserving of recognition for her ambition, abilities, and leadership in radiography and breast imaging. She trains our new staff in all areas of our clinic, manages the schedule, and handles it all with patience, grace, and fairness. She has made a name for herself in the breast imaging community, serving as a volunteer consultant to revise screening protocols in BC to improve consistency and patient care.”


Young Professional Award

This award is presented to an MRT who has been practicing for five years or less, and yet has made a significant contribution to the profession at the beginning of their career.  This individual acts as a role model of professionalism and volunteerism. This individual demonstrates an early and ongoing interest in the endeavors of Medical Radiation Technologists.

The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present this award to Kelsey Houston, RTR

Kelsey graduated from Camosun College’s Medical Radiography program in 2019 and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria. Since graduating from Camosun, she has been working as an MRT at Lady Minto Hospital.

“Kelsey took on a position as a new grad that involves working alone and needing to be very resourceful. The job involves x-ray, fluoroscopy, ECGs, on call, and more. She has done an amazing job and has become a leader among her peers. She is adored throughout the hospital and displays qualities of an experienced technologist. She teaches new staff well, is very reliable, and is wonderful to her patients.”



Excellence in Teaching Award

This award is presented to an MRT who demonstrates outstanding contributions in enhancing the teaching and learning experience of students during their educational program. The recipient of this award actively engages students within the academic and/or clinical environment.  This individual remains up to date with practice standards and ensures students aspire to reach their full potential.

The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present this award to Michael Ro, RTR

Michael graduated from BCIT’s Medical Radiography program in 2013. He works at Royal Columbian Hospital in both General Procedures and CT and is a former BCIT medical radiography faculty instructor.  He began filling the role of Clinical Instructor Designate in 2016, and as of December 2019, he is now the Clinical Instructor.

“Michael is one of the calmest and most patient technologists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He remains collected when teaching difficult lessons and working with challenging patients. He accommodates students’ individual learning styles and responds with grace to the variety of cases they encounter. Students find him approachable and knowledgeable, and they don’t hesitate to ask him for guidance.”


Innovative Leader Award

This award is presented to an MRT who has demonstrated excellence in leadership. The recipient of this award may hold a formal leadership position or may demonstrate leadership within their work/professional environment.  This individual has earned the respect of coworkers through their efforts to contribute to the practice of excellence within their department/organization.  They exemplify professional leadership by upholding the values of Medical Radiation Technologists.  Through their efforts, there is a significant impact on the advancement of excellence in MRT practice.

The CAMRT-BC is pleased to present this award to Lisa Hudkins, RTNM

Lisa graduated from BCIT’s Nuclear Medicine program in 1986. She started at St Paul’s Hospital in 1987 and has been there ever since. She started her supervisor position in March 2019.  She tells us that that working at St. Paul’s is a privilege; the hospital is the physical manifestation of her belief in treating everyone equally and giving back to the community.

“Lisa goes above and beyond every day to ensure that everyone in our department feels heard, important, and respected. She seeks out feedback and goes to bat for all of us. She lifts us up and gives us strength to overcome any obstacle with determination and positive spirit that has got us through the most stressful of times. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she carried us. We are a family here and she deserves to be recognized for all that she does for us.”

Congratulations Alanna, Mark, Nicole, Kelsey, Michael, and Lisa on winning these awards!

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