COVID-19 and the CAMRT

If you are looking for information on the virus, visit our COVID-19 resources page with information from fact-based agencies in Canada and around the world.


Like everyone in Canada, CAMRT is working to adapt in this rapidly-evolving COVID-19 outbreak. Our office has moved to working remotely. We have the tools to do so seamlessly while still delivering excellent member service and being available to you via all the usual channels. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us.

In addition, we are making it a priority to find extra ways that we can be of support and of service to members and MRTs across Canada in these exceptional times.

Below we have collated some of the important changes and new initiatives relating to COVID-19 and the CAMRT

March 25 Message from Irving Gold, CEO, CAMRT

CAMRT Events

In keeping with the recommendations of governments and public health authorities, we have made some difficult decisions to either cancel or postpone CAMRT events.

See cancelled and postponed events
2020 AGM: Going fully virtual


CAMRT Certification Exam

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS) testing centre network will remain closed until the end of May 2020. We have secured two options to accommodate the May 2020 certification exam candidates [MORE DETAIL]:

  1. A remotely proctored certification exam May 20-22
  2. A supplementary certification exam session in the summer

These changes to the May 2020 sitting of the certification exam have been communicated directly to exam candidates by email and are posted on our website. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the CAMRT Manager of Certification at

Cancellation fee waiver


Advocacy for MRTs

With COVID-19 and all the pressures it puts on MRTs and the rest of the healthcare system, we are working hard to address new and pressing avenues for advocacy and dialogue with decision makers in positions to make a difference to MRTs on the front lines.

PPE for MRTs during the COVID-19 crisis
COVID 19 Survey – Impacts on MRTs and the Patients we Serve
Working with other healthcare professions for the greatest impact
Your ideas for advocacy


Information and Supports for MRTs

Even as we distance socially, there is still a great desire and need amongst our community for sharing information and best practices, and for supporting each other.

COVID-19 Information page
COVID-19 Community for sharing practices and advice with fellow MRTs
Mental health and well-being resources and tools
Other CAMRT Practice Supports to help during the outbreak


CAMRT Professional Liability Insurance

CAMRT Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) provider BMS provided an insurance coverage position statement in the context of COVID-19.

One key excerpt states: “Upon review of the CAMRT PLI Wording, there are no specific exclusions relating to transmission of a virus or disease from the insured during delivery of their professional services that have been identified. However negligence on behalf of the Insured must be proven for a claim to be successful. There is also standard exclusions relating to claims arising out of, or attributable to any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act by an insured.”


Continuing Professional Development

CAMRT is looking for ways it can support hard-working MRTs through its CPD.

Infectious Disease Review (Quick Self Study): Made available to all MRTs (member or not), FREE OF CHARGE
Numerous FREE CPD options
A note for those taking a CAMRT Full Length course


Returning to work in response to COVID-19?

Are you returning to work temporarily in response to COVID-19 and looking to reinstate your CAMRT membership?

The CAMRT will provide free membership and professional liability insurance to those returning to work to help with the pandemic. Please click here for membership options.


MRT National Repository

While our healthcare systems may soon experience shortages of healthcare professionals, there will also be MRTs who, for a variety of reasons, may need or wish to work additional hours. In order to facilitate the matching of areas of need with available supply, we are working to develop a repository of MRTs available to take on work and provide information to employers looking to find additional resources. Additionally, we could share this with governments and their agencies across Canada to assist in covering any workforce shortages and asymmetries if they occur.


Contact Us

Sharing information is so important in moments like these. We see examples daily where shared information has affected lives in this outbreak. In order for us to best help you, we want to hear from you. If you have information to share about practice, share with your colleagues and us in the communities of practice. If you have issues you need us to advocate for, let us know.