Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing competence through professional development is important in the dynamic environment of medical radiation technology. CPD at CAMRT is your gateway to a varied menu of online course options that:

  • Enhance your professional image
  • Increase your credibility
  • Improve patient outcomes

The CPD Catalogue is your comprehensive guide to identifying and meeting your CPD goals. It includes the complete menu of CAMRT courses in all categories and specialties, as well as information on fee schedules and CPD policies.

Looking for credit courses?
Our Full Length courses offer education which can be transferred to the work environment on a variety of topics relevant to practice, patient management and leadership.

Only have a bit of time to spare?
Consider one of our Quick Self Study courses or our Virtual Programming opportunities. These are shorter activities that require less time and commitment on topics that will enhance knowledge and impact your practice.

Enhance competency level with Certificate Programs

Our Certificate Programs provide a means to earn a designation that recognizes an expertise in a special area of practice. Find out more about CAMRT’s Certificate in Breast Imaging – Screening, Certificate in Breast Imaging – Diagnostic, CT Imaging Certificates, Dosimetry Certificate, and the Certificate in Interventional Radiology.


Regulators mandate professional development (PD). CAMRT however advocates for life-long learning, facilitates projects and supports the development of PD opportunities.

The MoC Guidelines document provides a PD program overview to assist those who do not have the resources to develop such programs. It also provides guidance for development of a professional portfolio, an excellent means to inform perspective employers of skills and accomplishments.

Other CPD Activities for MRTs

Are you looking for available CPD opportunities – offered live or online – in a specialized area of interest? The CAMRT provides a CPD Repository which provides a list of continuing professional development opportunities offered by the CAMRT, its provincial organizations, education institutions and other organizations.

Consult the CPD Repository.