Full length courses

CAMRT offers full length courses that will help maintain currency and improve practice.

Full Length Courses At a Glance

  • 13-week distance education course
  • Offered winter and fall each year
  • Credit value dependent on course — varies from 30–55 credits
  • Delivered online
  • Instructor assistance
  • Each course has six assignments
  • Each course has a final exam
Courses at a glance

Online Delivery

The CAMRT’s Continuing Professional Development department delivers all full length courses and QSSs in an electronic format.

Course materials can be saved to a desktop or to a USB for easy access.

Final exams are delivered online only.


The CAMRT has partnered with Neovation / Smarter U, a learning solutions company, to transition our full length courses to a more interactive online learning management platform. This transition will greatly improve learning, improve quality of images and provide the opportunity for increased access to images and case studies. 

Contact cpd@camrt.ca for more details.