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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing competence through professional development is important in the dynamic environment of medical radiation technology
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Increase your credibility
  • Improve patient outcomes

Looking for credit courses?

Our Full Length courses offer education which can be transferred to the work environment on a variety of medical radiation technology topics relevant to practice, patient management and leadership. Sign up now!

Only have a bit of time to spare?

Consider one of our Quick Self Study courses. They are shorter courses that require less time and commitment on topics that will enhance knowledge and impact your practice. Register now!

Take your certification to the next level

Our Specialty Certificates provide a means to earn a designation that recognizes an expertise in a special area of practice. Find out more about our Certificate in Breast Imaging – Screening,  our Certificate in Breast Imaging – Diagnostic, our CT Imaging Certificate, our Dosimetry Certificate, and the new Certificate in Interventional Radiology.

Course Highlight: The Chest Image

This course is designed to provide the practicing medical radiation technologist with the knowledge to critically evaluate the chest image. Students will review the anatomical and technical aspects of the normal chest image and learn to evaluate the typical chest image, localize lesions, and recognize commonly seen pulmonary and cardiac disease processes. The final examination for this course is delivered online only. More...

Course Highlight: Leadership Skills

This course is designed to introduce the concept of transformational leadership in a health care environment, and will be relevant to all those with an interest in leadership, either in a formal or informal setting. It addresses effective methods of communication, improving employee satisfaction and motivation and the concept and frameworks for ethical decision-making. Skills learned in this course will be applied to the areas of change management and conflict management and are directly applicable to those working in the field of medical radiation technology. The course will help relate the theories and concepts of leadership to individual work experiences, and will be of benefit at any stage of career. More...

Continuing Competence through Professional Development

See our Guidelines for Development of a Continuing Competence Program and a Professional Portfolio. More...

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