Safety Code 35: A Consultation on Proposed Changes

Safety Code 35: A Consultation on Proposed Changes

If you’ve been following our communications, you know that CAMRT has been working closely with Health Canada as they work to revise Safety Code 35 – Safety Procedures for the Installation, Use and Control of X-ray Equipment in Large Medical Radiological Facilities (hereinafter referred to as Safety Code 35).

Health Canada is now ready to publicly share their proposed changes and are asking you, as expert stakeholders for this code, Health Canada to consult on their targeted revisions to Safety Code 35 (see announcement)

These proposed targeted amendments to Safety Code 35 are to reflect recent changes in the scientific consensus relating to certain radiation protection practices for medical X-ray procedures. These changes have been developed in consultation with an external working group and are consistent with recent position updates of professional bodies in Canada and other jurisdictions.

They relate to:

  • patient shielding
  • annual dose limits to the lens of the eye
  • voluntary declaration of pregnancy
  • use of gender-inclusive language
  • improving the clarity of specific sections of the document

Take Part in the Consultation

This Health Canada consultation is open until April 14, 2023.

For your convenience, we have uploaded the consultation document to the CAMRT website (see here). You can also access by emailing Health Canada directly.

Please also feel free to share this consultation invitation with other individuals who may have an interest in providing input.

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