The Current – On Demand Sessions

The Current – On Demand Sessions

Below, please find the available on-demand sessions from the The Current, held on October 21, 2022.

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Member Price: $10
Non-Member Price: $20
CAMRT-ATL Members: $5
CAMRT-ATL 2022 Attendees: $0

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A New Way Forward

Presenter: Tonya Whittle

Learning Objectives:
– Articulate the cost of self-suppression
– Demonstrate how to navigate toxic positivity
– Examine the impact of being an unseen cog in a critical wheel

Encouraging Insights, Uncomfortable Truths: A Career as an MRT

Presenter: Karen Fader

Learning Objectives:
– Identify Areas of Challenge as an MRT
– Describe how to celebrate the Excellence of being an MRT
– Articulate the Value of the MRT Community, as a professional

Connect with Me: A Patient Perspective

Presenter: Robert Meany

Learning Objectives:
– Integrate the journey of a cancer patient and relate it to the MRT profession.
– Identify tips on how to better connect with patients struggling with cancer
– Reflect on the power of patient connection

We are Resilient! MRIPs during the pandemic: what we learned and where we go from here

Presenter: Melissa Sponagle

Learning Objectives:
– Explore intrapersonal traits, resilience, compassion and empathy as they relate to our work as health professionals.
– Compare theoretical and real-world scenarios that explore the relationships between these traits, demographics, job roles, and willingness to work during crisis situations.
– Discuss considerations for supporting MRIPs.

Bringing the Joy and Laughter Back to What We Do

Presenter: Brenda Robinson

Learning Objectives:
– Recognize that laughter is contagious amongst group members
– Describe how laughter can be shared among working groups
– Specify how laughter is motivational in the workplace
– Describe how laughter increases productivity in the workplace
– Explain how to Celebrate laughter in dark times

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