Meeting with the Health Minister’s Office

Meeting with the Health Minister’s Office

As MRT week wraps up, I want to extend my personal appreciation for all the work you in service to those living in this country. Your work is critical to our health and quality of life.

Fittingly, today CAMRT met with senior officials in the Health Minister’s office. The meeting was at their request, to discuss the challenges facing MRTs specifically, within the context of what the Minster has characterized as the current healthcare crisis in Canada.

I spoke about the extraordinary strain that MRTs have been under throughout the pandemic, and the reality that these challenges will not be alleviated anytime soon without direct intervention of governments and healthcare decision-makers at all levels. I spoke about mental health and burnout, unmanageable workloads, and unreasonable expectations. And I spoke about the need for more MRTs in the system so that MRTs can have the quality of life that you all deserve.

The meeting was an important one. As was their recognition that MRTs needed to be consulted. There was a commitment made to involve CAMRT, your national association, in increased and ongoing dialogue with the Minister’s Office, and Health Canada, to discuss not only your challenges, but solutions to them. There is no silver bullet, but we know that there are things that can, and must be done.

I look forward to providing you with updates on our progress. And as always, it is an honour and a privilege to advocate on your behalf.

– Irving

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