National MRT Awareness Campaign Survey

National MRT Awareness Campaign Survey

We would like to invite you to take a few short minutes to answer a quick survey about a planned awareness campaign – aimed at getting MRTs the recognition they deserve. Your answers will help us gather your priorities and determine what shape an awareness campaign could take.

The surveys have been segmented by provinces and language for data collection purposes. Please complete the survey that corresponds to your province of practice:

All other provinces and territories

Please share the link to this page and encourage your fellow members to answer the survey too!

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  • Kelly Adams

    Many think we only do imaging (at a distance from the patient for the most part). I think we have to stress the patient care part of our job, example IV insertions, accessing ports, inserting PICC lines, scrubbing in for procedures. These things show our face to face patient care skills.

    Also that our scope of practice is not that much different from RN scope. I have had RNs tell me that patient care is not an MRT thing, imaging is our thing. Wrong, patient care is our thing.

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