July 13 Update on the Global Supply Situation for MO-99

July 13 Update on the Global Supply Situation for MO-99

July 13 Update on the Global Supply Situation for MO-99

Dear CAMRT Members,

This email is intended to provide you with an update with the situation at the South African NTP Reactor as well pass along some information on a new development at the ANSTO Facility in Australia.

  • The NTP situation has not changed. The management of the facility continues to work closely with their regulator for approval to restart production of Mo-99. They remain uncertain of when regulatory approval will be granted and have no date for expected resumption of production. So far the global supply chain seems to have responded well to this challenge and no major supply issues have been reported.
  • We have also received some information about a mechanical problem at the Australian Reactor ANSTO which is delaying the production of Tc-99 Generators intended for the domestic market.  This issue is not impacting their bulk Mo-99 shipments and is not expected to impact the global supply. ANSTO’s engineers are currently working to correct this problem. In the meantime ANSTO has partnered with an American Processor to supply Tc-99m Generators for Australian domestic use. Please see the following link for more information: http://www.ansto.gov.au/AboutANSTO/MediaCentre/News/ACS181901.

The Government of Canada is monitoring the situation closely and is in communication with the  AIPES. We will keep you informed as we receive updated information. We would like to request that if your organization’s supply of medical isotopes is impacted that you let us know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Christopher Topham, Director of Advocacy and Communications at ctopham@camrt.ca.

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