Call for Volunteers – Best Practice Guidelines Committee

Call for Volunteers – Best Practice Guidelines Committee

The CAMRT Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) are the means for providing the best possible outcome for patients based on judgments that consider patient needs, clinical experience and the best available evidence.

Best practice can be found at the intersection of three realms: best available clinical evidence, clinical expertise and experience and patient values and expectations. Those striving for best practice consider and integrate all three elements into the decisions they make and the actions they take.


Currently, the CAMRT is looking to fill two positions on the BPG committee.  Specifically, we are looking for one MRT from each of the following disciplines/specialties:


– Radiation Therapy

– Magnetic Resonance Technology



  • Each member is knowledgeable in, and comfortable representing, their respective discipline and/or area(s) of expertise.  Possible areas of expertise:

Patient Management, Patient Safety, Quality of Care, Collaborative Practice, Occupational Health and Safety, Professional Development

  • Members are (or are willing to become) familiar with the CAMRT BPG website and documents, including information resources and tools.
  • Committee members are willing and committed to join face to face meetings in Ottawa bi-annually
  • All committee members must be a member of the CAMRT


If you are interested in joining the CAMRT BPG committee, please submit your cover letter and your curriculum vitae to Katherine Smith at by April 14th, 2017.

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