Changes in Interventional Radiology Courses

Changes in Interventional Radiology Courses



Effective Winter 2018 a PREREQUISITE challenge exam in vascular anatomy will be required by all candidates prior to taking the Interventional Radiology 1 course.  This vascular anatomy exam will become a mandatory requirement to IR 1 due to a major revision where the anatomy content has been greatly reduced, more pathology added as well as the addition of the role of the IR technologist.


Therefore, anyone planning to take Interventional Radiology 1 in Winter 2018 must register for and complete this prerequisite exam in Fall 2017. 


At that time, candidates interested in taking Interventional Radiology 1 will have to register for and successfully complete a multiple choice exam testing their knowledge of the complexities of the human vasculature.  A minimum pass mark of 75% will be required and candidates will have two additional attempts within a two-year timeframe to rewrite the exam (if necessary).  A Preparation Guide providing guidance for studying and information about the exam will be provided upon registration to assist with this self-directed study.  Educational materials and electronic resources will also be provided. Upon completion, candidates will be able to identify, describe, label, and list all relevant human vasculature and relate this knowledge to the further study in interventional radiology.


The goal of this exam is to assess candidates’ knowledge of vascular anatomy of organ systems, and describe blood flow as it relates to both arterial and venous circulation.


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  • Mathew morrison

    Hi, I am looking to start the IR 1 course in the winter time. I completed the IR prerequisite exam in 2018, but i’m not sure how to proceed with registering for the IR 1 course. And also some information on how to complete the certification with the clinical part of the certification.

    • Chris

      Thank you for your enquiry Matthew. Someone from education contacted you a few days ago. Hopefully that response gave you the information you needed. In general, any enquiries as to CPD can always be directed to for our team to answer directly.

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