Innovators in Team-Based Care: CAMRT wants to hear from you

Innovators in Team-Based Care: CAMRT wants to hear from you

We know from experience that MRTs are involved in a lot of innovative new practices in team-based care across the country. If you are working on something exciting and innovative in this area, we want to hear from you. Please submit a brief description to Christopher Topham, CAMRT, Director of Advocacy & Communications, at

Team-based care, particularly in the areas of mental health and home care are areas of special interest for the new federal Health Minister, Dr. Jane Philpott. Every Monday between now and October 19, Canada’s Health Action Lobby (HEAL) will shine a spotlight on the unique innovations and best practices that its member organizations are currently pursuing with a view to delivering better health outcomes and improved system performance. The CAMRT wants to make sure the innovative contributions of its members across the country are part of this highlight.

About Health Action Lobby (HEAL)

HEAL is a coalition of 41 national health organizations that represents a broad cross-section of health providers, health regions, institutions and facilities. The CAMRT works with HEAL to address health issues at the federal level. In its Consensus Statement entitled The Canadian Way –Accelerating Innovation and Improving Health System Performance, HEAL delivers substantive recommendations about how Canadian governments could work together with health sector professionals and organizations to transform our national health system effectively.



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