Changes to the CT Imaging Certificate

The CTIC program has been revised due to changes made to the entry to practice requirements and to ensure the programs continue to reflect current and emerging practice. The revisions will ensure this certificate program continues to provide MRTs an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and gain recognition for their clinical expertise in CT Imaging.

Change #1: Prior recognition of learning for CT Imaging 1
Change #2: Introduction of a Sectional Anatomy Pre-Requisite exam
Change #3: Revised CT Imaging 2 & 3 full length courses
What does this mean for those interested in pursing the CT Imaging Series?
Effective January 2021, I do not have CT 2 or CT 3
Effective January 2021, I have CT 2 but not CT 3 - or vice versa

Please note: These changes do not apply to the CT Therapy courses/certificate program, only to the CTIC (radiological technology, nuclear medicine).

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New Pathway to CTIC Certificate