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COVID-19 and your Professional Liability Insurance

CAMRT’s Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) provider BMS provided an insurance coverage position statement in the context of COVID-19.

Upon review of the CAMRT PLI policy wording, there are no specific exclusions relating to transmission of a virus or disease from the insured during delivery of their professional services that have been identified. However negligence on behalf of the Insured must be proven for a claim to be successful. There are also standard exclusions relating to claims arising out of, or attributable to any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act by an insured.

View the full position statement by BMS as it relates to COVID-19 and CAMRT’s Professional Liability Insurance coverage: COVID-19: Insurance Coverage Position Statement (March 22, 2020)

Also, PLI considerations (and guidance) for the resumption of services during  COVID-19 (May 8, 2020)

Every healthcare professional should have professional liability insurance. Together with your provincial organization, the CAMRT provides all Full, Limited and Temporary Practice members with extensive protection through our professional liability insurance policy (PLI) and policy extensions, such as criminal defense costs reimbursement coverage, legal expense coverage, coroner’s hearings coverage and witness expenses coverage. If your employer states they provide you with PLI, make sure to fully investigate the extent of coverage. Ask if you are also covered for a hearing with your regulatory body or your provincial organization and for legal defense insurance for court cases filed under the Criminal Code. The CAMRT PLI policy covers all of this and more. A complete copy of the policy is available by visiting the Members Area of the website.

It is important to note that coverage is on a “claims-made” basis  which means that you must have coverage at the time a claim is made against you, regardless of when the “incident” took place. More information on the insurance coverage available through CAMRT membership is available by clicking here.

Protect Yourself

The reason healthcare professionals need professional liability insurance coverage is quite simple. In our legal system if you are alleged to have done or failed to do anything that is a breach of the standard of care in our profession, and that breach causes damage, someone is likely to sue you for damages. If you are sued, whether you were negligent or not, you will need legal defense. This is one of the expenses a professional liability insurance policy covers. Many who ignore this necessity have no idea of how expensive legal defense can be.

A professional liability claim can be devastating financially for the MRT without adequate insurance to obtain legal counsel. Even a frivolous allegation can result in crippling defense costs, and such allegations are on the rise. The inability to afford legal counsel to defend your professional reputation or accreditation could lead to a loss of employment. CAMRT’s Professional Liability Insurance Program protects in the event of a claim.

Protecting a Profession

CAMRT, in collaboration with its provincial counterparts, has provided MRTs with professional liability insurance for over 25 years, and currently over 11,000 MRTs in Canada are enjoying the peace of mind that our first-class PLI program offers. Join us now along with your provincial association to obtain membership with tangible benefits, including the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are completely protected against professional liability.

Attention Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario MRTs

All licensed medical radiation technologists in the provinces of Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario are required to have professional liability insurance coverage as specified by the regulatory college in the province of that province. The comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage included with a CAMRT Full Practice membership meets and exceeds all of the minimum requirements for professional liability insurance set the regulatory bodies in these provinces.

Coverage that goes where you go…

Your personal PLI through CAMRT is mobile and “follows” you wherever you work or volunteer. The policy territory coverage is anywhere within Canada. This means that the incident upon which the claim is based must have occurred within Canada. However, the policy does include a 90-day out-of-country extension in the event an MRT must work temporarily outside of Canada to accompany a Canadian patient, attend academic courses or participate in a professional exchange program with another country. Note if you give any advice or treatment outside of your employment, your employer’s policy will not cover you.

Common Myths

“I am always careful and professional. I’ve been practicing for years. Besides, I’m covered by employer’s insurance…aren’t I?”

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Claims Examples

Times have changed, a claim can be devastating professionally and financially, even if frivolous.

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Your insurance program is designed by members, for members with a focus on risk management, exclusive coverage and specialized protection to meet the unique practice risk and needs of medical radiation technologists.

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Legal Advice

To ensure members are provided with superior legal defence in the event of a claim or complaint, CAMRT and BMS have retained Gowlings as the sole legal provider for claims made under the Professional Liability Insurance Program.

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